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The Jungle Body® Label

Jungle Body Coaching Session - Sat 26th Oct 9am Crooked Spire Midland

Jungle Body Coaching Session - Sat 26th Oct 9am Crooked Spire Midland

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FREE class


KONGA, TYGA, VYPA + JAGUA: Learn from the best, head office will be guiding you through a 1 hr Jungle Body class.

COACHING session

10:15am – 12pm


Crooked Spire, Midland

Who can attend? 

Jungle Body Instructors or those wanting to become an Instructor one day! 

Join our Instructor Coaching program for a transformative journey in mastering your Jungle Body business. Led by Tara Simich, the brains behind both The Jungle Body and global phenomenon Mermade Hair, group fitness marketing expert + hype girl Adelle and choreographers Shereice & Ash, you'll gain invaluable insights into building a successful enterprise from the ground up. With tips on social media marketing, event planning, business decisions, movement, stamina, choreography, playlist curation + general education, you'll be equipped for success whether it's a side hustle or a full-time gig. This is not your regular workshop, we will be delving into ALL programs, and giving you tried, tested and formulated tips.

Plus, it's not just about coaching—it's an opportunity to connect with fellow instructors (local, national & international)and strengthen our community. Don't miss out on this chance to excel in the world of group fitness!

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